The documentary explores what a life as an entrepreneur is about. Heini Zachariassen is the founder of Vivino and he was born and raised in the Faroe Islands. In his teens he met his future wife Maibritt and while in their twenties they moved to Denmark to study. While studying in Denmark, Heini became an entrepreneur. The internet was still fresh in Europe in the 90´s and Heini founded an antivirus company called Virus 112.

While living in Slagelse, he and Maibritt also became parents to their first child, Barbara. In 99 Heini and Maibritt got married and later moved to Copenhagen. They got their second child Bastian and Heini became the COO of Danish antivirus giant Bullguard. While working at Bullguard he became their CEO and grew from a handful of employees to over a hundred. He and Maibritt also became parents to their third child Paula. Heini left Bullguard in 2008 and started working on what later became Vivino.

While working at Vivino and being the father of three, Heini and Maibritt decided to move their entire family to San Francisco. Vivino had got momentum and was growing fast and in order to win the wine app space, decided to open an office in the financial district in San Francisco. Moving to San Francisco was a tough move, Heini had to rebuild the company from scratch and his family had to settle in as well. Immigrating to a new country is never easy and his family didn´t know anyone in San Francisco at the time and therefore had to rebuild their life in an new environment. Their youngest daughter Paula was 7 years old at the time and didn’t speak English. At same time, Vivino grew bigger and bigger and later became the worlds biggest wine app with over 44 million users.

Johan Rimestad

Johan Rimestad was born and raised in capital of the Faroe Islands, Tórshavn. It was during his childhood that he got a passion for movies and wanted to create content as well. As a teenager he moved to Copenhagen with a wish to get a relevant education and later got a master´s degree in Media Science. During his twenties he made a mockumentary called “Karrybollarnir (2009)” and later a short dark comedy called “Meðan vit bíða eftir Jallinum (2015)”. Being interested in media and observing the rise Vivino, Johan became interested in documenting the success story of fellow Faroese compatriot Heini Zachariassen. Hence started his first documentary project “Disrupting Wine – The life of an Entrepreneur (2020)” in 2018. Johan teamed up Rógvi Langgard, whom he had worked with before on “Meðan vit bíða eftir Jallinum (2015)” and their documentary was released in July 2020.

Rógvi Langgaard

Rógvi Langgaard grew up in the Faroe Islands. At 15 years of age he started working as a freelance videographer doing corporate work for companies and still does that to this day. Before reaching his twenties, he was a cinematographer for “Birting (2015)” and “Meðan vit bíða eftir Jallinum (2015)” as well as assistant camera on multiple other short films, e.g. “Sum Einglar Vit Falla (2014)”, “Dalur (2016)”. Rógvis interest in entrepreneurship took him on a path to study a Master’s in Creative Management at Copenhagen Business School, where success stories like Vivino and the founder Heini Zachariassen are a big inspiration. This lead him to work on his first documentary, “Disrupting Wine – The Life of an Entrepreneur (2020)”.


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